Making Your Dream Smart Home Come to Life!


Trust is the cornerstone of any successful relationship, and we’re committed to earning yours by always delivering stellar smart home installations and quality customer support. We work tirelessly on every project we take on, from home theater setups to outdoor audio video. Our dedication shows why we’re the preferred technology professional and AV consultant for luxury homeowners and trade professionals in Oregon, Washington, and Arizona.


By combining all of today’s smart home solutions and one easy to use integrated interface, we bring the future to you today! Whether you want to control your home from a remote, phone, tablet, or anywhere there is an Internet connection, our simple interface will make running all of the systems in your home “everyday easy.” There is almost no limit to what the technology and today’s connected home can achieve. Our mission is to design technology systems to fit your home and lifestyle.


To create personalized technology solutions for you, we need to know as much as we can about your Oregon or Arizona property. All of our projects begin with a thorough needs analysis. After asking a variety of questions to ascertain your needs and performance expectations, we’ll advise you on the products and solutions that make the most sense for your lifestyle or business. We’ll cover your space room-by-room, in many cases doing a physical walk-through, to better understand how you use each room and the ways you could integrate technology for added comfort and efficiency.


We take the approved project specifications and interpret them with exacting detail to match all of the capabilities and functionality you expect. At this stage we’ll outline hardware model numbers and prices as well as all the labor needed to execute the job. Backed with Computed Aided Design (CAD) technology and project drawings, our engineering team crafts a comprehensive plan for all technicians and trade partners to follow. These include vital information on low-voltage wiring, looping and grouping of lighting loads, engineering schematics, rack elevations and keypad specifications.


Once we’ve undergone that original needs analysis we’ll document it to include your specific budget qualifications and performance expectations. The initial design proposal outlines the subsystems you want to include in your home in an easy-to-follow room by room format. We go in-depth to outline the features and functionality for each room when it comes to lighting, audio, video and networking. For example, we’ll document which rooms should have Wi-Fi coverage and the different shading models you may want to include in each. After presenting the project specification, we’ll integrate any of your feedback before proceeding to the project design.


The goal of a professional lighting design is to achieve the right mood in each room of your property. It all starts with that initial needs intake to find out what activities you want to accomplish. Then it’s up to our experts to craft a layered lighting design by selecting the right fixtures and loads. For example, we’ll use ceiling fixtures for overhead lighting, sconces for accent lighting and down lighting in cabinets or tables for specific tasks. We then group your fixtures within dedicated loads for greater control. For example, an “Artwork” load controls all the fixtures geared at showing off the pieces of art in a specific room from one switch or dimmer.
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