Below is a list of COVID-19 updates and information for the Southern Oregon construction industry.

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You may find the information helpful as we navigate the pandemic in our region. Check back for updates as we progress through these challenging times. Be assured that our organization is advocating daily to keep you working and our community safe.

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A Special Message from Brad Bennington, Executive Officer
of Builders Association Southern Oregon (BASO)
March 31st, 2020

“Not only did OHBA keep our industry open when others were getting shut down,
Not only did OHBA create it’s own Covid19 Safety Protocols in cooperation with the Governor and state building officials,
Not only did OHBA create it’s own Covid19 Safety Course and put it online for everyone for FREE,
NOW OHBA has organized a State Wide Safety Event for everyone in our industry!

Help us get this information out to everybody!
There isn’t a White Hat big enough for these guys to wear!”

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OHBA Rallied For the Construction Industry and We’re Still Working!
Thank you to Mark Long, CEO of OHBA!

Dear OHBA/BASO members,

On Monday, Gov. Kate Brown issued a new executive order with expanded business closure requirements for those businesses unable to implement stay-at-home work practices and include mandatory social distancing practices. If a business or industry is not specifically listed for closure, it can continue to operate with the required social distancing measures – see the list of closed businesses on page four of the executive order.

**Construction is NOT on the closed list.**

All businesses and nonprofits that can telework must do so to the maximum extent possible. Where it is not possible, businesses must do the following:

• Appoint a person who oversees setting and enforcing social distancing guidelines at your business

• Maintain appropriate social distancing guidelines for employees

• All office employees must telework to the maximum extent possible.

For individuals, it includes:

  • Prohibiting non-essential social and recreational gatherings outside of a home
  • Any time you leave your home, always maintain social distancing of at least six feet from any person
  • Individuals can go outside to walk, hike, or other similar, non-contact recreational activities while still maintaining social distancing.

Governor Brown’s order is outcome-based: If you can operate safely and comply with CDC and social distancing guidelines, then for now, you may continue to operate (unless listed on page four and impacted by previous orders). What does this mean? It means we must follow the jobsite safety guidelines OHBA provided previously; you should assign a specific person to ensure the guidelines are met, and you should take other actions in an abundance of caution to avoid exposure to the coronavirus.

You should manage the flow of subcontractors and other workers to ensure safe social distances are made, and take any other precautions to protect yourself, your employees and other individuals who interact with your business. We also recommend separate vehicle travel. Governor Brown’s order put the responsibility on the business owner to prove they can meet the standards and implement social distancing measures. Businesses should adopt safety protocols, (including OHBA information and other protocols as necessary to follow the order) assign an individual to enforce safety measures, seek legal advice, and document how you intend to comply as part of your operating procedures.

Your local HBA associations are good resources for information, and your national association has information here. OHBA and your local HBAs (BASO) will be taking other steps to provide training and safety information to its members in the future. This information is in partnership between the state association and your local HBA covering Oregon specific information to align with the recent executive order.
Please see the Governor’s Executive Order here>>